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Phabulous supports a few commands directly within Slack. You can execute them by mentioning the bot or in a direct message to the bot. Additionally, some commands do not require you to directly address the bot, such as automatic linking of tasks and revisions.

NOTE: Phabulous commands are not the same as Slack's slash commands.

Some commands are available on channels, others on direct messages only.

Available commands in v2.4

  • meme <macro> "upper text" "lower text": Creates a meme image using the provided macro and labels and posts it in the room.

Available commands in v2.2


Indirect commands do not require users to directly interact with the bot and are automatically executed on channels the bot is listening on:

  • Dxxx: Lookup information about a diff.
  • Txxx: Lookup information about a task.


Requires talking to the bot through a direct message or mentioning the bot on a channel:

  • summon Dxxx (channel): Ask the reviewers of a revision to review a revision.
  • lookup Dxxx (channel, DM): Lookup information about a diff.
  • lookup Txxx (channel, DM): Lookup information about a task.
  • help (channel, DM): Show command reference in Slack.
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