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Most of projects here are mirrored to GitHub. When you create a pull request and it ready to be merged, we will merge it via the CLI to the repository on this Phabricator install, then the daemon will automatically mirror the changes to GitHub.

Projects are mirrored to GitHub to avoid contribution friction and for backup purposes.

Contributor access to this install

This is a WIP. I'm still working the details regarding this. For now, creating pull requests on GitHub should cover most scenarios.


It is highly encouraged (although not required) that commits in Chromabits' projects adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Conventional commits: We use Angular's commit message conventions, which can be used to automatically generate change logs and promote small commits since they have to cover a specific task and scope.
  • PGP signatures: This allows you and others to verify the author of your commits. GitHub has a nice article describing how to do this, and how to tell Git to automatically sign your commits.

Code Style

Depending on the language a project is written in, a style guide may apply. Additionally, each project is still free to provide specific/different directions regarding code style. However, you should be able to use on the guides below for most projects hosted here:

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